DIY baby gift idea: make Clarks baby shoes

DIY baby gift idea: make Clarks baby shoes

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Your best friend is waiting for a little bit? Are you going to be a grandmother soon? Your adored godson is going to make his first Christmas? Are you a future mother yourself? What do I still know ... In any case, if you want to make a nice baby gift yourself then you will love these little Clarks-style slippers to keep warm the little toes of babies from 3 to 9 months approximately. Nothing too complicated in the making except that you will have to learn the festoon point if you do not know it yet. But for that, no problem either, since on, we teach you how to make it thanks to the article "Couture: learn the festoon stitch". So all you have to do is get started! And to simplify your work as much as possible, I also suggest that you use templates already made! So get started: Download here the templates for baby booties , then print them at full size. Hardware level? Provide: - two-tone fleece - felt or felt about 2 mm thick - cotton thread and a large needle - 2 cords for the laces of the slippers - a sewing machine and sewing thread - a pair of scissors to cut your templates - a pair of sewing scissors - and full of sewing pins


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