10 dining chairs that have style for less than 100 euros

10 dining chairs that have style for less than 100 euros

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The dining room chairs generally complete the decoration of the space dedicated to meals. Whether chosen in accordance with the style of the table, or on the contrary completely opposite, they must remain comfortable, practical and decorative. Follow our shopping tips to create a refined table that will delight your guests!

What type of chair for my dining room?

Creating a nice decor at a low price in your dining room is an exercise in style for everyone. Why not opt ​​for the solution of mismatched chairs, very simple to set up? You just have to mix styles, colors and shapes to imagine a mix & match table with the most beautiful effect! Another solution, choose the same model which will be available in several colors. If the idea of ​​mismatched chairs does not appeal to you, you can quite opt for the same model of chair, chosen in total opposition to the style of your table. The Ghost model with a baroque-inspired table, or the famous "A" by Tolix with a classic style table are combinations that work perfectly in decoration. In all cases, the table / chair set must remain harmonious so as not to clash with the style of your interior…

Table chair or armchair?

The choice depends above all on the size of your dining room. The armchairs are obviously reserved for large rooms because they take up more space. If you absolutely want to install it in your dining room without having the necessary space, place one at each end of the table if it is rectangular. Outside of meals, your armchairs can completely take their place in the living room, facing the sofa! The chairs take up less space since they slide easily under the table. If despite everything the space is not enough in the room, opt for foldable models that you will put in a cupboard or a storage room once the meal is finished.
1. Tobias chair 80 € Ikea / 2. Red master chair 49.99 € Deal furniture / 3. Conrad chair 57 € Direct Furnishing / 4. Caray stacking chair 30.58 € Crea-quincaillerie / 5. White designer fleece chair Polly 69 , 90 € Miliboo / 6. Mauricette chair 79.99 € Maisons du Monde / 7. Tradition anise green chair 89.99 € Maisons du Monde / 8. Elizabeth chair 89 € 4 legs / 9. Siwa chair 55 € Alinea / 10. Reidar chair 50 € Ikea


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