5 appliances to prepare the best breakfast

5 appliances to prepare the best breakfast

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Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. To be stuck all morning and concoct easy and healthy recipes, there are small devices that can change your life! Whether you are more tea or coffee, smoothie or milkshake, there is something for everyone. With these household appliances, you will have no excuse to go to work on an empty stomach!

The T.O kettle from Lipton

This Krups brand machine, guaranteed for two years, is available in four colors (red, gray, green and silver). It offers a suitable temperature and infusion time depending on the leaves brewed (which you can also set manually according to your preferences), and works with Brita filtered water, to guarantee you healthy tea. The range of Lipton capsules compatible with this machine is available in 33 flavors and infusions, for a capacity of 20 and 25 centilitres per cup. Forty Brita capsules and filter included with purchase. Price: 179 euros

The Milxxer from Riviera & Bar

This vegetable drink preparer will revolutionize your breakfasts! It's up to you to make your own vegetable drinks based on cereals, legumes or oilseeds hot (for soy, oats, coconut or rice) or cold (for almonds, pistachios or quinoa). You can also very simply cook soups, veloutés, smoothies, milkshakes or even coulis as you wish! The stainless steel bowl has a pause function (to add ingredients) and a keep warm function for 60 minutes. The little extra? A book of 50 recipes is included. Price: 149.99 euros

Moulinex Magic Color kettle

The device changes color depending on the water temperature. It goes from eggplant to candy pink when the water is hot! This color change, which takes place from 70 degrees, is also a way of knowing if the machine is hot to prevent any risk of accident. With this machine, you can't miss your tea! And there is nothing more annoying to start the day than an over-brewed tea! When the kettle is two-thirds plum, the water will be suitable for white tea; two-thirds it will be ideal for green tea; and totally pink, it will suit black teas and herbal teas. Price: 54.99 euros

KitchenAid juice extractor

This device (Artisan reference 5KVJ0111) from the KitchenAid brand, available in different colors, will help you prepare fresh fruit juices to get you off on the right foot! Stock up on vitamins with homemade juices and jams. As for the ingredients, there is no shortage of choices! Fine herbs, fruits, vegetables, tender, hard or leafy, fine or thick foods ... They will all go through the three available filters, which allow you to choose the pulp density and the texture of the drink. Price: 470 euros

The Vario Home coffee grinder from Mahlkonig

Notice to coffee lovers! Treat yourself to a real coffee grinder worthy of the professionals and easy to clean. You can grind your tailor-made coffee, according to your tastes (Turkish coffee, filter or espresso for example). A digital timer allows you to measure the quantity and level of grind using two hundred settings! Price: 429 euros


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