5 good reasons to like on Facebook

5 good reasons to like on Facebook

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We are currently more than 100,000 fans on the Facebook page of, and every day more and more to share, discuss around the good living in the house on social networks. "But what do they all have to join this Facebook page?", You will say to me ... It is true after all: what is going on there so that there are so many? If you do not follow us yet, you have the right to ask us the question. And here are a few answers!

Reason # 1. To discover smart ideas for your home every day

We share with you daily on our Facebook page decor ideas, tips or DIY that you will not find on the site. Often simple but original ideas, to allow you to put a little touch of madness, a little touch of you in your decor, without breaking the bank and with three times nothing. If you want to be surprised every day in your Facebook feed and find great ideas for your home, follow us!

Reason # 2. To not miss any opportunity to win great gifts

Did you know that throughout the year, we put great gifts into play in our "Games" section? To be sure not to miss the food processor of your dreams or a great trip offered by the house, take a look at our Facebook. We publish a selection of our best prizes on the page, as well as some exclusive games reserved for our fans on Facebook.

Reason # 3. To chat with a community of fans who are passionate about decoration, recycling and DIY

Our Facebook page is also and above all a place for discussion! You can find and exchange daily on decorative ideas, tips for the house and share with the community your decorative experiences. It is also a privileged space to discuss with the team, ask us your questions, report a malfunction or share a kind word. We take the time to read daily what is said in the comments and we take advantage of this space to chat with you.

Reason # 4. So as not to miss out on the great homemade tips

Not everyone can afford high-priced products! In the team, we take budget issues very seriously. When our team of "goodies" finds a flagship product in reduction, we are quick to let you know on our Facebook page. You are the first informed, therefore the first served before the end of stocks!

Reason # 5. To discover behind the scenes, behind the scenes and bonuses!

Things are happening at home! The Facebook page is our favorite space for expression to share with you our backstage and make you discover in preview some of our "top secret" projects; then, ready to enter the secret?

Reason # 6. BONUS: because we love you and you give it back to us!

We do not forget that loving the page is also a symbol. And if there is one thing that makes us smile every morning at home, it is to grow a community that gathers around a desire: that of feeling good at home! So are you coming?


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