DIY: personalized plates

DIY: personalized plates

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Tired of your current plates, but don't want to throw them away? Give them a second life thanks to this tutorial, very easy to reproduce at home. It's up to you to let your creativity speak, to personalize them and create the decor of your choice!

Dress up your plates everyday

No need to be an artist to dress up your plates and brighten up your table with colors and patterns. On the contrary! What could be more pleasant than creating the decor of your dishes yourself? For this DIY *, you will need: - A fine-point porcelain felt - A few white or colored plates (plain) from the HOTEL or COLORS ranges - Handkerchiefs or a piece of paper (some felt tends to leak) - An oven (optional) Before anything else, decide to what you want to do with your plates. Continue to eat in it? Use them as storage compartments? Hang them like Deco ? This idea seems a little retro and yet it is terribly trendy! You can also take inspiration from the style of a designer you like. Depending on what you prefer, determine the reasons that you are going to draw. Rather floral, graphic, poetic ... give free rein to your imagination !

Choose and reproduce your designs

Once you've defined your idea precisely, go to practice . Clean the surface of your plates well to avoid any traces of grease or dust.
Start by tracing your drawing with a pencil, then use porcelain markers, ironing on your pattern. If it is graphic, think of using stencils, if necessary homemade. Observe the notes on your marker for the rest. In order to fix the pattern, it is often essential to place the dishes in the oven after having left them to air dry: around 30 minutes at 220 ° C for porcelain and 160 ° C for ceramic. You can then use it normally and even put it in the dishwasher.
Do the same for the colored plates . The pencil is less visible, so it is sometimes necessary to work directly by freehand. Do not panic, you can always erase the little misses until the felt is dry! Thanks to this quick and easy DIY, you will be able to give a facelift to your plates. And once you master the technique, take up the principle for your mugs or bowls. Your dishes will be like this personalized and 100% homemade ! * Do It Youserlf

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