5 simple tips to save space

5 simple tips to save space

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Wondering where the square meters of your apartment went? The sleek interior of magazines make you dream? Once the furniture is installed, the reality is often less spacious. Fortunately, there are a few tips and tricks for enlarging a room without pushing the walls.

1.Sort and store

This seems obvious, but it is imperative to clear the air a little and unclutter to breathe a room. The more you accumulate things, the more the space will seem small and stuffy. A tidy room decorated with a few carefully selected objects will appear significantly larger. If certain objects are loaded as a souvenir, divert them, store them in our Amber trunks or give them away, they will make people happy. In addition, tidying up makes you happy!

2. Bring in the light

The choice of colors is essential to give an impression of space to a room. The ideal is to choose light shades (pastels, cream shades and cool colors in general) which allow to gain in brightness and give the feeling that the space is more ventilated. This advice applies to both the walls and the floor. Also consider multiplying the sources of light in your interior, whether natural or artificial. For this, avoid double curtains that are too thick, prefer them sheers where the light cottons which let in more light. In the evening, light some accent lamps , you will see there clearer and bigger!

3. Hang mirrors

The mirrors are the decorative element to use when you want to create a feeling of space. They reflect light and reflect your interior. To create a real perspective effect, place your mirrors in front of the windows and indulge yourself with XXL models, like the BELLA mirror!

4. Favor modular furniture

When there is little space, you have to be smart and resourceful. The pull-out coffee table PERO, the CALIFORNIA convertible sofa (available in ice blue for a very trendy Scandinavian style), and other multifunctional objects will be your best allies to organize the space. Forget the tall furniture and prefer pretty consoles, tables and low sideboards to store your belongings. For the essentials clothes cupboards , choose them in light colors or identical to that of the wall and opt for sliding doors that take up less space than hinged doors.

5. Play on contrasts

To restore the volumes of a poorly proportioned room, play on contrasts. Is the ceiling too low? Bet on verticality with graphic wallpaper. If a room seems too rectangular, you can reduce this impression by choosing a light color for the longest walls and a darker color for the shortest.

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