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No need to travel to the past to relive the euphoria of the 30 Glorious… Just put old furniture, retro accessories and old-school decor up to date. Because retro has never been so trendy, we decipher the main lines of vintage decoration!

A scent of nostalgia

What is so appealing about the vintage decoration ? Could it be its authentic cachet, its warm aura, or the saying that "it was better before!"? Hard to say. Still, the style please and for good reason, it does not lack charm! Buoyed by the craze of flea markets, thrift stores and fashions of the past, the vintage decoration has the gift of comforting… You just have to sit on an old worn-out and patinated leather split sofa to immerse yourself in an episode of Mad Men. The vintage kitchen made of zinc, retro dishes , odds and ends, takes you meanwhile to the land of childhood and good little dishes concocted by mom ... This is the power of vintage decoration : that of reviving the nostalgia of the good old days by touching directly on the heart of affect.

Vintage style: its codes!

It is not enough to hunt around in granny's attic to put the decoration of 50's, 60's or 80's inspiration. Far from being has-been, vintage trend is a real style exercise whose whole art consists in adapting to our interiors today. In terms of materials, the vintage style gives pride of place to raw wood, steel or even slate or plastic, dear to the 70s. If brown often has the last word, pastels and neutral colors also work very well. The goal of the exercise consists, ultimately, to release an emotion by playing on the right mix of elements and materials.

Total vintage look or Alliance Vintage?

You are not a fan of 100% style vintage ? Do not panic, the vintage style goes wonderfully with others decor trends and this is (also) what makes all its strength. Include a lamp industrial trend or a retro wall clock with a refined or Scandinavian decor and oh miracle: it matches! The marriage of the old and the new, united in strength in your interior have only one goal: to add notes of conviviality to your interior. "Are you not at home well?"

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