The revival of the industrial style

The revival of the industrial style

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As in a loft or an artist's studio, appropriate the codes of these open spaces. On the program: metal, wood and concrete to make your interior a very trendy place ... or simply give it back the look!

The rebirth of a style

It was at the end of the 1960s in the United States that penniless American artists invested old disused factories to make them their workshops . They find there many abandoned pieces of furniture to which they invent new uses. The stalls become tables, the lamps with articulated arms light up their creations and metal plates and other scrap metal are transformed into decorative items. These factory furniture , built to last, with a raw and solid look, then find a new life. As for the subjects:metal, wood, concrete and leather , they seduce with their authentic side.

Combine materials: metal, wood, leather!

Become one of the pillars of the current decoration, the industrial style inspires today many decoration brands which bring its codes up to date. It is in the living room that it takes its full extent. For example, it combines a rectangular table in raw wood and an epoxy metal encroachment with Tolix-style chairs. On a wall of old red bricks, make way for a large metal wall clock to the old figures. On the living room side, there is a minimalist coffee table imitation raw concrete (HILO) or nesting models in epoxy metal and gray raw wood (NEW ATELY) and a Club-style split leather armchair (CUBA model) which warms the atmosphere in vintage mode. Metal + wood + leather = the winning equation!

References to the past

From its history, the industrial style therefore retains its utilitarian function, very practical in our daily lives of busy men and women. In a small touch, you can opt for coat racks and metal coat hooks, which still play their roles, while the old cloakrooms of metal workers serve as wardrobe. On the lighting side, the light suspensions metal old factory (FATTO model) are popular. The old scrap metal signs have been transformed to deliver kind messages. They now advertise "Home" (BROC model) or "Welcome" making the industrial atmosphere much more cozy and contemporary. Using words in decoration is trendy today!

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