Shedding light on the recessed spot with Protec'Spot

Shedding light on the recessed spot with Protec'Spot

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In my opinion, few of you understand it and I must say that a few minutes ago I would have been unable to tell you about this strange scheme which from a distance could be akin to a fifth-grade physics course. The only ones who can perhaps elucidate this mystery are those who have already versed in the renovation or who are teachers of physics of fifth. To help you, imagine that the central object is a spot recessed in your brand new ceiling. Around this spot, an insulator comes as its name suggests to insulate your home from heat loss. To avoid any risk of fire, contact between the recessed spot and the insulation (whether glass wool, rock wool or cellulose wadding) must not be made. Apparently somewhat experienced DIYers have so far used an inverted flowerpot to create a barrier between the spot and the insulation. But it was still DIY (in the wrong sense of the term). From now on, real good DIY enthusiasts will be able to count on Protec'Spot®, which can therefore be seen in the image. Protec'Spot is valid for all types of insulation and is considered completely ecological if combined with natural insulation. Thanks to it, you will be protected from the fire risk while keeping the airtightness of the walls to the maximum. If you are renovating or even building, pay attention to your recessed spotlights because we do not mess with the fire risk. Ask Soprema, a specialist in waterproofing and insulation, on the Univercell site.


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