Reheat your interior with wood

Reheat your interior with wood

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Gone are the days when wooden furniture reminded of rustic or country interiors! Shunned for decades because of its outdated and austere image, wood brings a natural and warm touch to today's interiors.

Wood in small touches

Wood is a staple of our interiors: furniture, decoration, visible beams , doors… and its 2016 version is distilled with subtlety and modernity. Nature spirit, side chic-Campaign , wood seduces for its raw and natural character. It is found in every room of the house. It is also a great classic of Scandinavian decoration that has won many followers for its simplicity and authenticity. The main thing is to bring the wood in small touches to avoid the total look of the 80s. A strong piece like the ZIG shelf, a decorative element like the SOFT lamp or a design detail like the pretty legs of the CORK chairs.

Wood, a warm material

Misappropriated, sublimated or simply plain, wood brings heat and friendliness interiors in search of personality. It works both alone and in combination with other materials such as metal where the Pierre for some mix and match successful . Fans of Scandinavian design will prefer it in its clear or painted white version. A bright choice that will highlight the room and bring a side cozy , as does the LORENA library. Those who prefer the reassuring charm of the old will opt for darker woods or patinated , thus warming the atmosphere of a living room or bedroom. Without forgetting the furniture painted in bright colors that will surely brighten up your interior, like the RUSH shelves. Whether left natural or varnished, whether light or dark, opt for furniture and some wooden decorative items. Warmth and friendliness guaranteed!

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