Trend: renting accommodation on Airbnb

Trend: renting accommodation on Airbnb

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The holidays are fast approaching and it is high time to book accommodation. The puzzle begins: where to go? What type of accommodation to choose? How to get the best rate, even in the middle of August? To help you organize your holidays with family, friends or lovers, we have found one of the best sites of the moment: Airbnb. How it works ? Here is more info.

The principle of Airbnb

Airbnb is a community site that allows all individuals to rent their accommodation or part of it to tourists. The duration of the rental varies from one night to several months. Airbnb is a very popular platform that offers more than 600,000 homes in 192 countries. The price per night is fixed by the individual who wishes to rent his property. Note that in France, to rent your property, you must be the owner or have the authorization of the latter. To support the platform, Airbnb takes a rental commission from both the host and the tenant.
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Quality accommodation

The strength of Airbnb is to offer a very wide choice of accommodation. Whether you are a couple, family or friends, you will find houses or apartments that will have a capacity and equipment adapted to the number of travelers. Unlike a hotel room, the apartments offered by Airbnb are spacious and equipped with kitchens. They are very popular with tourists who wish to spend several nights at a chosen destination. When searching on the Airbnb site, you will need to enter the dates of your stay and the number of participants. The available accommodation is then offered to you. Each of them has a precise description of the equipment, services and geographic location. You can also view a large number of photos of the accommodation and its surroundings.
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A big choice

Over 500,000 units can be rented from Airbnb. Also you are guaranteed to find accommodation in accordance with your needs and desires. Whether you want to stay in a large metropolis or in a tourist destination, you will have the opportunity to enjoy quality accommodation. You can choose from apartments, villas and even unusual accommodation. The extra thing? For each rented accommodation, you can read a few lines on the owner of the premises and the opinions of people who have already rented this accommodation.
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Attractive prices

Another major advantage of the Airbnb site, the rates are very competitive, especially if we compare them to the rates charged by hotel establishments. For each accommodation, you will find the price per night, week and month. Additional packages such as booking fees, service fees or cleaning fees can be added. Thanks to the Airbnb platform, you can pay for your stay in complete safety, a major advantage for both the tenant and the owner.
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