In drawing: make a pretty plant pot with simple clothespins

In drawing: make a pretty plant pot with simple clothespins

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Finally ! We take advantage of the terrace, in the sun ... and we want to stay outside! So here is an idea for creation that can inspire you for your outdoor decoration. Without a doubt, this cute little flowerpot will bring a nice handmade decorative touch to your garden table To design it, nothing could be simpler ... And the necessary equipment? Almost nothing but salvage, except the masking tape rolls, which you should already have in your creative leisure equipment! So what exactly do you need to get started? - a box of empty medium or large format tuna, - a good batch of wooden clothespins, - several rolls of assorted masking tape, - paint that sticks to the metal (spray paint is practical… ), - pliers to flatten the sharp edges of the can, - a pair of scissors. And forward!


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