Sewing: learn how to put a zipper

Sewing: learn how to put a zipper

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Depending on the type of zipper you want to put on a garment, the installation technique may vary slightly. Below, we are interested in separable zippers. 1. Start by folding in the center seam allowance and hem on the back of the actu: 739845 fabric, then baste.
2. Then position the zipper on the edge of the first news item: 739845 fabric, then pin.
3. Stitch the news: 739845 fabric and the zipper using a zipper foot, then remove the pins. Reinforce the seam at the end of the zipper.
4. Position the second actu: 739845 fabric on the other side of the zipper and pin.
5. Finally, open the zipper and stitch the pinned side also using a zipper foot. Your zipper is ready.


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