In a special origami drawing: the little Chinese stars of happiness

In a special origami drawing: the little Chinese stars of happiness

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Let's continue our origami experiences by making cute little 3D stars, which are called the Chinese stars of happiness. Folding is ultra simple to carry out, you will simply have to take the little hand to give volume to your star without crushing it. Do not panic, if you miss the manipulation the first time, start again, you will see, it is actually very easy, all it takes is a little training. Once you have given them a coat of varnish to solidify them, you will be able to achieve lots of pretty things with these stars: earrings, necklaces, small key chains or bag jewels, or even garlands and mobiles. You will see in a future tutorial, how to use them as well as Japanese origami cranes, to make a nice mobile, perfect for a door or window frame. In the meantime, let's learn how to make them: all you need is a strip of paper (not too thin, the paper!) About 1.5 cm wide by 30 cm long, and a little application.


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