Before / after: a 68m² Lyon apartment

Before / after: a 68m² Lyon apartment

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This canut apartment, typical of the Croix Rousse district in Lyon, has been completely refurbished by interior decorator Céline Bizet to create one more room. From a poorly arranged T3, we pass to a practical and functional T4, where each space is perfectly delimited. To accompany this transformation, the apartment has also been completely renovated, to gain light and modernity. Works: - Duration: 3 months - Amount: € 40,000 - Floor area: 68 m2 - Mezzanine area: 32 m2

The arrangement

Before: Climbing the stairs leads directly into the office, an obligatory passage to then access the guest bedroom. The parents' bedroom has a high ceiling which is not used.

After: The mezzanine is extended, and the space gained accommodates the office. The already existing space on the mezzanine is redesigned to accommodate the guest bedroom and a child's bedroom, as well as a landing which houses a library and provides access to the bedrooms.

The mezzanine

Before: The old mezzanine, partially closed by paneling, did not take advantage of the natural light from the large windows and gave an old-fashioned look to the whole. It did not occupy all the space possible since it was not extended in the parents' room.

After: The mezzanine has been completely reorganized to create two additional rooms: a guest bedroom and an office. A workshop canopy was installed to bring light into each room and the closed part was repainted in white. The workshop wall transforms the apartment giving it a contemporary and industrial touch.

Parents' room

Before: Rather dark, the master bedroom was cut in half by the staircase to the mezzanine. The ceiling height was not optimized since the space between the staircase and the window was lost.
After: The bedroom has been repainted with two colors, a soft Chinese blue for the walls and white for the woodwork. The extension of the mezzanine and the removal of the staircase made it possible to use all the floor space.

The living room

Before: With its dark parquet and yellow walls, the living room looks dark, despite the size of the windows. The arrangement of the sofas in a circle around a table reduces the circulation space and closes the space.
After: All the parquet floors have been repainted in white, thus illuminating the entire apartment. This change also made it possible to highlight the superb French ceiling, initially lost in the midst of too many different types of wood. This white space is awakened by the tonic and pop colors of diverted objects: poster of the gendarme of Saint Tropez, petrol pump revisited in a bar, worker locker room repainted in orange, etc.

The guest room

Before: The guest bedroom benefits very little from the light coming from the living room, and its space is poorly organized.
After: The old guest bedroom is replaced by the child's bedroom, painted in lavender blue, while the guest bedroom, now repainted in white, takes the old place of the office. It loses slightly in size, but now has only one function, and the reorganization gives it a better furnished and pleasant space.


Before: The poorly organized office serves as a passage between the ground floor and the mezzanine.
After: The office overlooks the apartment and benefits from the light from the four windows. A glass roof overlooks the guest bedroom in order to be able to ventilate it. The white painted floor in the mezzanine allows you to visually enlarge the space and provides lots of light.

The kitchen

Before: The kitchen, painted in red, is very dark and unwelcoming.
After: The kitchen has been completely repainted in white. Bright and friendly, it becomes a pleasant living space again. The furniture has also been changed to more contemporary models. Finally, we placed cement tiles on the floor, reminiscent of the entrance tiles.


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