Mistakes to avoid with balcony lighting

Mistakes to avoid with balcony lighting

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With summer just around the corner, we're going to be spending more time outdoors, whether during the day or after dark. For those lucky enough to have a balcony, it will be possible to extend the evenings there. The balcony must also be fitted with an adequate lighting system. Indeed, the balcony is a space in its own right that deserves to be highlighted. In order to bring out the full potential of this place, lighting plays a key role. Lighting your balcony is a good idea, but before installing the lighting, be aware that some mistakes are to be avoided. So how do you properly light your balcony?

Mistake # 1: Choosing too bright lighting

The balcony is a place that requires the installation of light fixtures. But be careful not just any type of light fixture because it also depends on the size of the balcony. You probably want your balcony to be a very bright place. This is quite possible but above all do not transform it into a football stadium. Choosing too bright lighting does not invite relaxation. So instead of making your balcony a warm and friendly space, you would make it a place of passage. If for example your balcony is cramped, general lighting is possible if you want to light the entire balcony. In this case, have solar lights all over the space. The advantage of these lamps is that they are not only ecological but also efficient. These solar powered lights also emit softer light than halogen lamps in particular. In addition, they are practical if the place does not have electrical outlets.

Mistake 2: Choosing to light up your balcony

The balcony is a space not to be overlooked. It is entirely part of the house and it invites to conviviality. By lighting it little, you will avoid it, which would be a shame knowing that a balcony is a place full of potential. If you do not want to light up this place too much, then bet on bright furniture such as stools or polyethylene pots. Then add nomadic lamps that you can move as you wish. By making this choice, your balcony will no longer remain in the shade. In addition, you will create an atmosphere that is both Zen and lounge.

Mistake # 3: Choosing too colorful lighting

You are passionate about decorating your balcony and suddenly you get inflamed. You want it to be colorful. Leave room for your creativity but stay sober. Adding for example colored garlands is a great idea but be careful not to create a "Christmas decoration" effect. It is possible to bring a cheerful touch by adding color, but in moderation. Think in particular of the strip led lamps that you can put in strategic places to structure your balcony. In addition, using a remote control, you can, depending on your mood, choose the color of the lighting.