What is the best type of heating for a single storey house?

What is the best type of heating for a single storey house?

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Answer: combine solar thermal and wood stove, closed and electric or gas fireplace.

Before even considering one or more modes of heating, it is mandatory to achieve good thermal insulation of your home, otherwise the best mode of heating will be ineffective. Then, depending on the region and the orientation of your home, you will have to make a compromise between the cost of installation, maintenance and energy supply that you plan to use. Also keep in mind that if your bungalow is small, well designed and properly insulated, it will be more difficult to amortize the cost of an expensive heater. The most rational, whatever the energy mode chosen, will be to install an efficient boiler. Today, we also favor the combination of several heating modes: solar thermal and wood stove, efficient electric and closed hearth, closed hearth and gas.