What tips for weeding in the best conditions?

What tips for weeding in the best conditions?

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Depending on the size of your garden, walkways and other outdoor spaces, weeding can be a real chore. However with the right method and the right tools, weeding is facilitated and you will enjoy looking after your garden. Here are all our tips for weeding in the best conditions.

100% organic weeding

100% organic weeding is a form of weeding that does not use chemicals. To practice it, you can use the many tools provided for this purpose. Weed knives, also called gouge, are used on weeds with deep roots. The weeders are used on weeds located on the surface. Be aware that weeding is much easier after the rain when the soil is wet. The roots are then very easily removed. Other tools can be used in the context of biological weeding. Among them is the black tarpaulin. The latter is placed on the part to be weeded. The plants will all be destroyed and you can freely use the space to make a lawn or plantings. To perfect your organic weeding, you can count on liquid manure or natural weedkillers.

The gas weeder

Another method for weeding: thermal weeding. This is done with a specific device. Although it uses fire as much as gas, the device is called a gas weeder. Thermal shock is possible if the device is used above plants. So plants get hot and dry out in just a few days.


There are many weedkillers. Some are natural, others chemical and their action varies depending on the product selected. Some weedkillers have a total action, no plant can resist them. There are also selective weed killers that will preserve your lawn and only attack weeds. Finally, some weedkillers have a residual action, which means that they will act for several weeks or even months. To apply chemical weed killers, vigilance is essential. Weed killers can be sold as a spray. If not, buy a sprayer. Before using your weedkiller, be sure to read the dosage and safety tips. When handling weed killer, make sure to wear protective glasses, gloves and keep your toddlers away.

Hands up

Yes, hands are a great working tool that you can use as much as you want to weed your outdoor spaces. These tools, of different sizes and equipped with 10 fingers, are perfectly suited to all types of plants. Wear gloves around your waist and, as a family, go hunting for weeds. The little ones love this activity, it allows them to get some fresh air and learn a lot about plants and gardening. If you have recalcitrant children, offer a reward at the end of the day. Pizza evening, unlimited ice cream or TV set, the choice is yours!