Laura Ashley, the British decor

Laura Ashley, the British decor

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Thanks to the Laura Ashley label, the decoration takes on the appearance of a beautiful Englishwoman, oh so romantic and full of softness. From the bedroom to the living room, from the entrance to the bathroom, this undeniable magic is born from the talent of an unforgettable Lady. Laura Ashley has managed to create inimitable atmospheres, capable of touching the heroin that lies dormant in every woman. Fabrics, prints, tones give another dimension to contemporary living.

Birth of a brand

After discovering an exhibition on traditional crafts, Laura and her husband Bernard Ashley decide - in 1953 - to embark on the printing of patchwork, failing to find fabrics to their taste. They tackle the task from their tiny kitchen, first creating small pieces of fabric with geometric patterns. In 1952, they began to make scarves, a very strong trend in Italy inspired by Audrey Hepburn. These creations are not long in selling and the Ashley couple confirms his talent by passing to the creation of household linen. In 1954, Ashley Mountney Ltd. was born. Four years later, Laura Ashley and her husband open a showroom in London to present their increasingly numerous and popular confections. In the sixties, Laura Ashley helped a seamstress to create clothes such as lab coats, smocked blouses, then the couple moved into an abandoned station. This is where Bernard Ashley develops a flat baler, capable of producing thousands of meters of fabric every week. The first Laura Ashley store opened in London in 1968.

Photo credit: Laura Ashley

A label that imposes itself all over the world

The Laura Ashley label continues to impose itself, both for the quality and for the unique style of her dresses. Laura Ashley stores open all over the world, in Canada, in Australia in the United States, in France and Laura will be rewarded in 1977 with a Queen's Award for Export received from the hands of the Queen. The Ashley couple settled in the North of France and Laura now focused all their attention on furniture to the point of releasing in 1983 her own guide to interior design. His talent is once again recognized through the Decorator Collection range. The prints are bold without losing their aesthetics. A style was born: the Laura Ashley style, and fascinated even Japan with the opening in 1979 of an eponymous store. Laura was to die accidentally in 1985. Bernard Ashley died in 2009.

Photo credit: Laura Ashley

Laura Ashley decoration

Today, the Laura Ashley brand manufactures glasses, clothes, grigris, but also towels, decoration accessories, lighting, furniture, wallpapers, tiles, carpets and rugs. Everything is thought so that the habitat becomes a haven of peace. Laura Ashley creations are simply sumptuous. Whether for children or adults, each Laura Ashley piece stands out for its uniqueness and perfection. We love its furniture in noble wood, leather and fabric, its soft armchairs, its romantic windows, its curtains in dominant colors always in trend and custom made. To discover on the online site.

Photo credit: Laura Ashley


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