The decor stands out

The decor stands out

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The decor makes its comeback by taking a break in the jungle of patterns. After the ornaments galore of the exotic style, here it is inspired by school notebooks. Fine lines with impeccable lines punctuate the objects. Calling this trend: tableware, textiles and wallpaper.

At the forefront of this trend: tableware

The grid pattern drawn by the blue lines appears first on the dishes. Unexpected and very successful, this strict and uncluttered motif attacks plates, dishes and decanters as well. The Danish brand Normann Copenhagen, with a whole service in porcelain with blue dotted lines, and the designer Leslie David for TH Manufacture, who are revisiting a service of dishes by enhancing them with gold, are at the right school.

Photo credits: Francis Amiand / Normann Copenhagen

The tiles also make the wall

Perfect for graphically emphasizing a piece of furniture, the grid effect extends to the walls. To be adopted just by touches so as not to overload your room, we will fall for the "Grid" wallpaper at Ferm Living. Drawing a set of aligned geometric figures of the same dimensions, it recalls the math notebooks from our childhood. To put in the entry or the children's room, its refined style adds a school spirit which can also be installed in a more discreet way by the masking tape "writing lines". And our favorite goes straight to the Lit National checkered headboards. The brand is renewing its collaboration with the specialist in virgin wool, Arpin fabrics and presents a selection of beds and accessories of fine quality with a checkered pattern. A beautiful page in perspective to give free rein to your imagination!

Photo credits: Lit National / Masking Tape


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