Tie and Dye lamps refresh the decor

Tie and Dye lamps refresh the decor

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The Tie and Dye trend takes hold of the light to give the interior decor a hippie chic look. Indispensable in every room of the house, Tie and Dye lamps recall the universes of the 70s. Colorful, psychedelic, they are nonetheless aesthetic and elegant, punctuating the contemporary decor with a few creative notes. Because the Tie and Dye spirit is the possibility for everyone to create their own objects.

The Tie and Dye new version

If the Tie and Dye trend knew its hour of glory, it has not finished investing our interiors ... with some new codes however to be more chic, more refined, more subtle than ever. Tie and Dye lamps are dressed in colors sometimes washed out or melted like watercolors, sometimes strongly contrasting mixing the infinitely light with the infinitely dark in a variation of very graphic stripes. Depending on the desired atmosphere, you can play the freshness card or the - more moderate - sweetness card. It's up to everyone to harmonize their Tie and Dye lamp with the decor while respecting the codes or, on the contrary, to make it a flagship, vibrant, unique object.

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Break with uniformity

Inviting the Tie and Dye lamp to your home is a very nice way to break with the uniformity of a sanitized decor. This well-tempered light brings a very special touch to the interior. Its enhancement is all the easier since the walls are plain and the furniture sober. The Tie and Dye trend is suitable for all types of lamps - table, floor, hanging - and of all styles, from the rustic bedside lamp to the ultra-halogen that can be customized according to the inspiration of the moment. But the big brands are not immune to the craze, and offer a rich range of Tie and Dye lamps in which the less creative can find their happiness. To confirm the hippie chic spirit, some cushions with blotter prints are welcome.

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A home-made Tie and Dye lamp

Creating Tie and Dye lamps yourself for all the rooms in your home is a very economical solution to refresh the decor a bit. It is also an opportunity to express the immensity of a talent hitherto ignored ... The material necessary to make a Tie and Dye lamp with a pretty gradient is really minimalist: a basic lampshade found in a flea market or bought from a large brand, dye for silk, linen and cotton - color depending on affinities - a plastic container large enough to dip the lampshade, and water. It remains to put on a pair of rubber gloves. Then simply immerse the fabric lampshade in the water-dye-fixer mixture, respecting the proportions indicated on the packaging. It is by capillarity that the fabric will soak up the dye. We then obtain a spectacular and refined gradient. After drying, the Tie and Dye lampshade can be attached to its base. With a little experience, the know-how will allow you to create real works of art that will bring all the light necessary for the well-being of everyone, with style and originality.
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