Presse Citron, playful design

Presse Citron, playful design

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The Presse Citron publishing house puts metal in the spotlight through objects and small pieces of furniture made in France that are as functional as they are decorative. Combining quality and simplicity, Presse Citron creations shine with their originality and very punchy colors. Presse Citron gives another dimension to the everyday object, making the most banal a true evocation of design. Framed pell-mell, toilet paper dispenser (famous PQtier Presse Citron) or libraries bear witness to an unparalleled talent and originality.

Birth of a brand

In 1997, the publishing house Presse Citron was born, from the desire to make the useful object fun. Its founder is designer Didier Chaudanson trained at the Boulle School. Passionate about the technique of contemporary creation, this young designer with undeniable originality cultivates the art of transforming materials. He was joined a few years later by Clotilde de Grave, also a graduate of the Boulle School, and just as passionate about furniture and design objects. Didier and Clotilde have an insatiable thirst for novelty. They invent their own style. Now, the interior decoration is brightened up with the playful Citron Presse creations.

Photo credits: Presse Citron

Fun toilets thanks to PQtier Presse Citron

This toilet roll holder shines with its ingenuity and design. Sure there is nothing boring! It brings a touch of good humor to this small room not always easy to decorate. The PQtier Presse Citron does not just bear a name that rings true, it is both original, aesthetic and colorful. It is the ideal support for toilet paper: in addition to being ultra fun, it is practical since it can accommodate up to twelve rolls. To attach to the wall, this stylized tree in lacquered sheet comes in multiple trendy colors, green, chocolate, white, gray, pink ...

Photo credit: Presse Citron

A fun decoration for all rooms

The original lines of the Presse Citron creations allow you to decorate your home in a unique way. Like the Perfo shelves which can be upgraded to adapt to the needs of the moment, the storage elements of the French publishing house are essential. With Presse Citron, weariness is not up to date. Proof of this is the colorful and geometric Piet coat hook, which is made up of elements that you can assemble according to your mood and can be placed in the hallway as well as in the bathroom or in the bedroom. Absolutely essential, the designer's wink gives a whole new dimension to the children's room with Lookat coat hooks.

Photo credit: Presse Citron

Timeless design

The Presse Citron brand knows how to be timeless by reinventing the Baroque style with the eponymous shelf. As for the Stick shelves with absolute sobriety, they have something to delight fans of elegance. Certain Presse Citron objects refer to nature, such as the Branche lamp with a sleek design that illuminates the interior with a poetic note. It recalls the bare trees during winter not without humor. As for the undeniably refined Pixel vase, it seems to be made up of several reed tubes in anodized aluminum, black and gray.

Photo credit: Presse Citron