4 grandmother's tips to end mosquitoes!

4 grandmother's tips to end mosquitoes!

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Who says arrival of the beautiful days and hot weather, often says return of pests, mosquitoes in mind ... So to say goodbye effectively and naturally, the editorial staff gives you 4 secrets and tips that really work. From lemon eucalyptus to essential oils, including lavender or basil plants, here are the tips! Forget aerosol cans and other mosquito repellents, and make way for natural solutions that are as effective as they are inexpensive.

Against mosquitoes, make way for lemon eucalyptus

At the top of our natural anti-harmful remedies: lemon eucalyptus, reputed to be more effective than traditional lemongrass. Offering mosquito repellant and anti-inflammatory properties, lemon eucalyptus essential oil is very easy to use: all you need to do is drop ten drops on your diffuser or soak a tissue in it . But you can also add it to your shower gel or body cream to amplify its repellent effect.

Incense of essential oils to repel mosquitoes

Another remedy: the incense of essential oils. In addition to making mosquitoes flee, it diffuses a subtle smell of plants in your interior, a real treat!

Plant lavender, basil or geranium feet

Third solution: plant lavender, basil or geranium feet in a planter. These plants give off a scent that mosquitoes hate, enough to make them breathe permanently. And if you don't have a garden, you can also have a nice bouquet of lavender, guaranteed effect!

Build a trap with an orange and cloves

Finally, be aware that mosquitoes also hate the smell of citrus skin. And mixed with cloves, the repellent effect is all the more effective. Here is a very simple mosquito trap with an efficiency of 2 to 3 days: take an orange, plant cloves in it and place it where the pests are most virulent, your room or your terrace. It's your turn to play now!


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