Karine Lanny: for a colorful design

Karine Lanny: for a colorful design

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Artist, designer, interior decorator ... Karine Lanny is a self-taught multi-faceted. Passionate about natural materials and colors, she founded her brand, Monochromic, in 2013. Then came the Muettes, Divine and Supernova, objects and symbols revisited with modernity, fun and shifting. What do they have in common? A monochrome sometimes pop, sometimes sweet. To learn more about the creator's inspirations, her relationship to color and to glean some precious advice, discover our interview tinged with emotions.

Professionals of crafts and design, how did you get the trigger for interior decoration?

Artisan by trade, I did a lot of lime plaster. Specializing in waxed concrete, I had created my own palette of pigments-based colors for all the coatings I used with my clients, which would strengthen my intimate relationship with color. My customers gradually asked me to manage their interior decoration and wanted to entrust me with the choice of colors, textures, materials, whether on walls, floors, cushions, furniture, curtains … Suddenly I wanted to work on something more intimate, smaller than the general decoration of a house, and to slip messages into it through objects in particular, revisited in a contemporary version. That's how Monochromic was born.

The main theme of your brand, monochrome is used in all your creations. Why this choice ?

I am very attached to the monochrome aspect because I find that it really leaves its place to the line of the object, to its design. It does not "interfere" with its general appearance and its geometry. More so, it reveals the shadows and the different ways in which the object will capture the light. On the other hand, a monochrome object will adapt more easily to different environments. People can thus better appropriate the object, whether in a contemporary interior, as more classic. By choosing to work on a fairly wide range of colors (ten for the Mutes and eight for the Divines), I give people the choice of playing the pop side or preferring a softer and natural tone.

How do you explain this strong link with color in your creative work?

No one ever asked me that question ... I don't know when exactly. My dad was an advertising photographer, so I grew up in a photo studio, assisted in development, made decorations, cut the photos that came out of the color machine… So my father awakened me enormously to color, and to light too. If he remains in charge of this relationship, my bond with color was woven as I grew up, where I realized how much it was a reflection of emotions. When we say "I see life in pink", it speaks volumes. Well for each moment of life, whether festive or sweeter, we could almost put a color on each of these moments, on each of these emotions. If I have always been very sensitive to all this, it is by working with my hands, by choosing colors, that everything really materialized. I quickly realized that everything was linked to something very personal, very emotional. Travel too, and especially a stay in India where I was taking photos, helped to forge this bond. Travel is very inspiring in terms of color.

Speaking of inspiration, where do you get yours from?

It can come from many different things: from certain eras (the 1930s are very inspiring for me) or from artistic movements (surrealism and cubism, marked by a true exploration of colors). Characters too, like Corbu (Le Corbusier, Editor's note). Having grown up in Marseille, not far from the radiant city, with its colorful balconies, I was marked and inspired by these breaths of fresh air which allow you to develop an imagination. Still living in Marseille, I am fortunate to be able to marvel at fabulous light and crazy contrasts between sky, sea and nature…

After Muettes, Divine and Supernova, what symbols would you like to revisit?

I want to work on other symbols, and on lighting too. I have a few ideas in mind but it's always a bit complicated to tell you about them. One thing is certain, there will be others. Maybe country-specific symbols…

What advice would you give Internet users to bring color into their homes, with style, fun and good humor?

First, a color must evoke something for us, it must create an emotion. Basically, a color that we are not sure, in my opinion is that it is not made for us. A color is a favorite. Whether it's dark, neutral or flashy. When you know that it should dress our interior, you have to feel good with it, especially not to follow THE color of the moment, whether you choose to affix it in small touches, or on an entire wall. Another tip: dare. For the past few years, we have seen very designer interiors, gray and white, very modern and very sad. One has the impression that people no longer dare to display their color (s), no longer dare to put a picture on the wall because they are afraid of judgment. On the contrary, you have to let go, trust yourself and dare! A house marks and envelops us, so we must give it the means to do so, whether by curtains, cushions or by a color on the wall. I think the key word is to dare, to dare to have fun, to dare to have an interior identity. Repainting a wall takes little time, so don't be afraid of getting bored. In my entry for example, I played the Sarah Lavoine Blue thoroughly while my room is rather very muffled, nuanced with dark colors. Everything is possible !

You have already collaborated with the artists Tabas, Pierre Favas or Leila Rose Willis, and beautiful brands such as the Compagnie de Provence or the Ressource paintings. In the coming years, who would you like to work with?

Oh but so many people! Today I would love to work with a publishing house to work differently and get out of my workshop. I want to be surrounded, especially by skills and people. I would love to work on the pop-up stores of Sessùn, a Marseille brand that I particularly like, with Petite Friture too… And even collaborate again with Ressource on other projects, not necessarily colors. Associating myself with a brand of fabrics or wallpapers is something I would love, with Omy for example. Finally, there are so many, the list would be far too long!

Color lover, what do you think of Rose Quartz and Serenity blue, designated Pantone colors 2016?

Personally, these are not colors that I would like to work with because they are too soft. But these are colors that become very interesting if we start to associate them with others more frank, more daring.

Finally, what are your plans for 2016 and beyond?

I would like to develop what already exists at Monochromic, and give the brand a little more European dimension, at first. I also have lots of creative projects, I couldn't wait to come back from Maison & Objet to return to my workshop and create new things. Soon a new light, a pendant light this time. A project that would be close to my heart? Decorate residences in foreign countries, cross my inspirations with other skills. Very intrigued by the new processes (3D printing) that I do not see at all as enemies, but rather as allies, capable of making my life easier, I would be curious to explore this on other materials, interest me in my time. I hope to find time for!


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