The same for less: the Scandinavian-style children's desk

The same for less: the Scandinavian-style children's desk

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Far be it from us to stress you out in the middle of summer but you would have resented us for not remembering that today is the last day of the summer sales. This is the last opportunity to do good business before resuming the price fight in September. For this reason, we could not miss this adorable desk desk for children seen at La Redoute. Especially since it looks like high-end furniture. One could imagine them cousins ​​but considering their price (160 € for La Redoute and 690 € for Jungle by Jungle), there are still differences. The Jungle by Jungle children's desk desk is made in France and its feet are in oak while the AM.PM desk advertises feet in rubberwood. One thing is certain: whatever your choice, your child will be happy with such a stylish desk!
Pulcino children's desk at € 159.40 / My Little Pupitre children's desk at € 690


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