The pipes in my home make noise. Is this normal?

The pipes in my home make noise. Is this normal?

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Answer: no, it means that your water pipes are certainly too small in diameter.

No, the pipes in your home should not make noise. This is generally the sign of a "water hammer": the diameter of the water pipes concerned is too small. Result, the pressure of the water circulating in these pipes is too strong, this is what causes the inconvenience. There is a simple way to correct this anomaly, without having to redo the entire installation. You can use an anti-battering device whose role will be to absorb the shock wave of the water pressure. For this to be effective, you must install the water hammer as close as possible to the part of your installation that poses the problem, where there is the most noise. Two types of devices are on sale: the spring anti-ram and the membrane anti-ram.