A facelift to my laundry room for less than 200 euros

A facelift to my laundry room for less than 200 euros

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It is true that the laundry room is a room in which you can never linger too much. Maybe because she doesn't really breathe new! However, with a few tips and a facelift, you might not be able to go there reluctantly. Here are 4 ideas to give it a second youth without breaking the bank!

Repainting the old tiling: 54.50 euros per pot

Lo and behold, the tiling in your laundry room comes out to your eyes every time you enter the room. So it's time to take action and give it a shot. For this, we take advantage of the latest innovations in murals: special tile paint, preferably white to ventilate the room as much as possible.

Install practical shelves: 49.90 euros per piece of furniture

The laundry room is the room in which you tend to accumulate everything. Storage is therefore essential to keep order and above all find your way around! Two shallow shelves, installed in a small corner are enough to organize yourself better, without breaking your budget.

Decorate the walls of your laundry room: 25 euros

Do you have trouble remembering what all these little symbols mean on clothing labels? To avoid accidents of favorite t-shirts that shrink or change colors, keep these beautiful posters in your laundry area that will remind you of the rules of washing while decorating the place. We find these posters on Etsy.

Bet on new stackable baskets: 29.95 euros each

Throwing the machines will become a breeze with these folding and stackable laundry baskets from Brabantia. The baskets are stacked by varying the colors and assigning a utility to each basket. A basket for white linen, another for black and finally that for colored linen. It's still easier to find, isn't it? And in addition we save space.