How to choose the right bathtub?

How to choose the right bathtub?

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Today it can be difficult to choose your new bathtub as the offer is so diverse. Whether in terms of format, materials or color, a new bathtub is chosen according to different criteria. Find more articles on the theme: Quote work for a bathroom creation or renovation

What form of bathtub for what layout?

Manufacturers do not lack imagination to make ever more original baths. Among the many models available on the market, here are the main forms of bathtubs. - Classic rectangular baths: They are mainly suitable for square and small bathrooms. They are available in 170x70 for the smallest models or 200x90 for the largest. - Corner baths: They are generally placed in contact with two walls and offer great comfort. They are perfect for medium and large bathrooms and are available in different formats. - Hot tubs: Ideal for very small bathrooms of less than 5 m², hot tubs are available in 100x70 or 120x70. - Round baths: They find their place in spacious bathrooms and can be built-in or raised. Their diameter varies from 160 to 200 cm.

Which bath apron to choose?

The main function of the apron is to hide the connection pipes. It must be removable or equipped with a hatch to guarantee easy access. There are several types of aprons. - The apron "all done": Easy to match with the bathtub and equipped with an installation manual, it is the simplest solution but the least creative. - The ready to tile: This system allows to match the apron of the bathtub to the walls of the bathroom. - Chipboard: It can be bought in all DIY stores and is screwed onto a wooden frame. It can be tiled or painted according to individual tastes. - Paneling: It is the ideal solution for wood lovers. It is enough to staple cut wooden planks then to treat them. - Concrete: This is an excellent support that is easy to tile but which requires the intervention of a professional.

What material for my bathtub?

Most baths are made from 5 main materials: - Enamelled steel is economical, elegant and solid, but it scales easily and is not suitable for whirlpool systems. - Acryl is light and soft and adapts to hydromassage systems. - Quaryl® is a mixture of quartz and acryl. It is non-slip and very resistant. - Biocryl® is one of the latest materials invented by manufacturers. It offers impeccable hygiene and stays white for a very long time. - Toplax® is resistant, non-slip and fully recyclable.