Mistakes to avoid with a birthday table decoration

Mistakes to avoid with a birthday table decoration

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Birthdays are joyful events that offer us the possibility of setting up a pretty table. Themed meals or a colorful snack, having a nice decor is essential. However, whether in the choice of colors or in the decorative elements, certain errors are to be avoided. Which ones? Here are our tips.

Mistake # 1: Putting too many colors

Choosing a colorful decor is a good idea! She brings good humor and the children love it. But putting too many colors can be a mistake. If you want to multiply the colors on the birthday table, know how to limit yourself. Ideally you should not put more than 3 colors. If you do, make sure you stay in the same family. You can combine cold colors or warm colors, shades or choose the primary colors.

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Mistake 2: Opting for the total look

Your little girl likes butterflies or your boy swears by Spiderman? You can use these themes as a basis for your birthday table decoration, but do not overuse. If you take patterned plates, adopt a tablecloth and neutral napkins and vice versa. The decorative elements must be varied. Combine the patterns and the uni whether on the lanterns or on the balloons.

Mistake # 3: Abusing Glitter

The big trend at the moment is to put glitter, stars, fake snow and the like on birthday tables. Be careful ! All these little things stick to arms, hands and clothes. They fall back into the dishes, glasses and plates to end up in the mouths of the guests ... As much to tell you: this is not a good idea.
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Mistake # 4: Multiplying the candles

Candles can be a decorative asset, provided you place them properly. If you want to have candles on your birthday table to warm the atmosphere, put them where they are least annoying. If you want them to be in the center of the table, opt for the glass bells that will diffuse the light. Choose unscented candles in solid colors to best integrate them into your decor.

Mistake # 5: Ignoring the tastes of the principal

Before embarking on an extravagant decor on the theme of cinema or the jungle, make sure you know the tastes of the person for whom the party is organized. Try to find out more about him and his interests. So you will have a basic idea to achieve a nice decor that will surely please.

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Mistake N ° 6: Forget the comfort of the guests

A pretty, well-decorated table is always pleasant. However, you must not forget that you will be eating on this table. Don't overload it! If you put a decorative centerpiece, make sure that the guests can still see each other or that you can put the dishes. Check that each guest has enough space and that nothing is interfering with the discussions.