The Chaise Longue, the colorful decoration

The Chaise Longue, the colorful decoration

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The Chaise Longue offers a multitude of decorative objects and accessories essential in everyday life. A brand with a strong character that brings a touch of madness to the interior design. Playful, unusual, fun, retro, La Chaise Longue objects and furniture are ultra-colorful. And beneath their apparent insolence hides an impeccable quality. From the living room to the bathroom, from the kitchen to the bedroom, the La Chaise Longue creations add pizzazz to the decor.

Birth of a brand

It was in 1974 that the brand La Chaise Longue was born. Its creator, Pierre Bouvrain, wanted to offer decorative objects at an attractive price, of quality and capable of bringing a good dose of fantasy to interior and exterior decoration. A successful tour de force that appeals to young and old. First present in Paris, the brand stood out at the Salon de l'Objet, then began to export in 2003.
Today, La Chaise Longue is present in several thousand points of sale. Throughout the collections, its creators cultivate the art of living in creation studios located in the capital.

Full of good decor ideas

We love the La Chaise Longue luggage which, while being absolutely practical, does not take itself seriously. Photo frames, coat hooks, decorative metal plaques, wall clocks, terrestrial globes are also very trendy and colorful. The Chaise Longue allows everyone to revamp each room of the house by creating a universe where good humor reigns. But make no mistake, the Chaise Longue is a brand as trendy as it is rigorous and does not skimp on the quality of its creations or on safety.

The Chaise Longue, pleasure above all

To offer or to offer yourself, La Chaise Longue objects have something to please. Whether it's Christmas, Mother's Day or a birthday, the brand prevents everyone from running out of ideas. Tableware, office accessories, high tech equipment or objects for children, each La Chaise Longue creation is always in trend.
For example, the Chicago black telephone will inevitably find its place in a retro universe, the massage device will melt lovers of moments just to yourself, while the trays in tart colors and gourmet will brighten up the convivial moments. Crunchy, the ladybug-like USB mouse is a real touch of madness.

Lighting in all its forms

La Chaise Longue offers a whole range of lighting. Elektra or Olga lamps to place on teens' desks, design metal floor lamps ideal in a loft or Cobra speaker lamp with an avant-garde look. The Chaise Longue also thinks of romantic souls with its Joséphine, Rosalie and Tulipe lamps available in a palette of soft tones. The enchanting range of La Melon Hat by La Chaise Longue - suspended or halogen on a stand - elegantly combines gold and black velvet.

Did you say retro?

To decorate a vintage interior without having to run around flea markets and other garage sales, La Chaise Longue offers new retro style furniture and objects, like the Acapulco range, indoor or outdoor aerial chairs . Wink gift idea, the Camera pencil sharpener seems to come straight from the flea market. As for the furniture and accessories from the Key West and Factory collections, they are very authentic.


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