Roof: exterior insulation

Roof: exterior insulation

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In the context of energy savings and to guarantee optimal exterior insulation, a roof must be properly insulated. Indeed, almost 30% of energy losses are due to poor exterior insulation, and this is the opportunity to overcome these recurring problems in a home. Find more articles on the theme: Quotation insulation work

Guarantee efficient external thermal insulation

Governments encourage homeowners to save energy and give them tax breaks in the form of tax credits, and often reduced taxation on any insulation work. Now is the time to take the opportunity to redo your roof according to the energy performance standards in force, to reduce your consumption budget and benefit from better thermal and acoustic comfort. For this, the choice of materials is then left to the discretion of households according to the configuration of their houses and roofs, and the extent of the work to be considered. An attic repair can thus be made possible to take advantage of additional space and enhance a storey, or even the installation of an insulator such as glass wool or extruded polystyrene panels.

Choice of materials and appearance of roof insulation

If you do not wish to embark on new work, external insulation can very well be the subject of a renovation. The advantage? The latter does not affect the decoration of your home and does not require structural work. Thus, for aesthetic reasons and in order to display a traditional style roof, insulation is directly attached to the rafters of the frame. This tip allows an ideal choice of finishes in tiles, slates, metal sheets ... With a component based on mineral wool, extruded polystyrene or even wood fibers, this method does not require too expensive a budget and guarantees thermal insulation and optimal sound of your roof. Likewise, seasoned boxes can also be used in the form of self-supporting panels insulated with polyurethane or expanded polystyrene foam, or with rock wool.

Accurately determine energy loss

For precise measurements it is often recommended to call in an expert to establish an energy performance diagnosis or DPE, in order to guarantee optimal external insulation. Indeed, if nearly a third of the heat of a house is evacuated by the roof, it is advisable to locate the thermal bridges with precision to avoid excessive energy losses. Thus, before you start important work, you can determine which materials to choose and the extent of the task to be accomplished. Insulation of the sub-roof can then be a judicious solution in order to seal air leaks and reinforce the impact of the insulation of the external roof.


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