A facelift at my studio for less than 220 euros

A facelift at my studio for less than 220 euros

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It's back to school and the idea of ​​finding your studio hardly enchants you. The latter would need a facelift! The editorial staff of precisely worked on a decorative shopping for less than 220 euros so that your little nest regains some splendor!

Painting a mottled armchair: 50 euros a can of paint

Furnishing a first apartment entirely can take several years. Chairs, armchairs, tables, etc. are expensive to purchase. Yet a very simple tip is to hunt for or retrieve an old piece of furniture and paint it in a bright color so that it acquires a real identity and a trendy style. For that, it is advisable to be equipped with a paint adapted according to the coating. Wood, leather, metal, fabric, earthenware ... everything is possible!

Photo credit: Maisons du Monde

Change the look of the sofa bed: 125 euros per cover

Tired, your sofa bed looks sad in the middle of your main room. Solicited by the various comings and goings of your friends, it needs an express makeover. Bet on a cover with a very strong visual that sets the tone for the rest of your decor. A red and blue Union Jack flag may well have its effect!

Photo credit: Fly

Give a real identity to the wall with paintings: 29 euros per painting

Above all, don't leave the walls empty. They are a great field of expression. Dress them up with paintings by an artist you love or show off your taste for travel by hanging a breathtaking view of New York.

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Invest in the wall to free up floor space: 14.95 euros for the shelf

To give a little pep's to the wall hang several shelves where you will install your course books, your favorite DVDs and your memories. In a library spirit, the shelves offer a nice storage space that will allow you to free up some floor space.

Photo credit: Ikea