In drawing: make a memory game with jam jar lids

In drawing: make a memory game with jam jar lids

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It's back to school so here is a nice and easy idea that will keep your kids entertained and busy on Wednesdays! It's about making a little memory game from jam jar lids! You know, this game has become essential in the panoply of children's games, where you have to work on your memory and remember where the identical images are in order to achieve the greatest number of pairs. I offer here a format for the little ones with only 8 pairs of images but you can of course enlarge the game as you wish! However, remember that the more images you want to add, the more covers you will need. So if you have trouble getting enough of them (they must also be perfectly identical, otherwise you will have to paint them…), be aware that you can find them in DIY stores for very little. To make your task even easier, you can also use the small illustrations offered in this tutorial by downloading the document ready for printing!

Downloadable models >> You will therefore need: - 16 small identical jam jar lids, about 4.8 cm in diameter - Canson-type paper, fairly thick - a printer (if you use the drawing sheet provided above) - markers, crayons or other means of coloring illustrations - stamps and inks (optional, only if you want to create your drawings with this type of technique) - a pair of scissors - a compass (if you don’t do not use the proposed models) - strong glue