In drawing: decorate your walls with graffiti made of vegetable moss

In drawing: decorate your walls with graffiti made of vegetable moss

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Do you know "graffiti moss"? Here I suggest you experimenting with this idea and expressing your creativity through a very natural artistic concept: graffiti made from vegetable moss! To decorate the walls and walls of your terrace, an exterior facade of your house or the walls of your garden's hut, you will find nothing more original. This very natural and very nice realization is not difficult to put into practice. You will still need to take care of your foam graffiti for it to develop well. Here are 3 tips to take into account to ensure the success of the experiment: choose a place well exposed to light and relatively humid, remember to spray the water foam regularly, and keep your graffiti as far as possible from the ground because slugs will be very attracted to your yogurt / beer / sugar mixture! Forward!


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