The same for less: an enamel cup

The same for less: an enamel cup

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If, like us, you love authentic dishes, you must have fallen for enamel pieces that are making a noticeable return in our kitchens. This week, the editorial team has set its sights on the famous white cups with a blue border that you can see everywhere. New challenge: find a model resembling that of Merci, but at a low price! In trendy cafes or on our favorite photos unearthed on Pinterest, small enamel cups have definitely made a place for themselves. And it would be lying to you, to say that you do not literally crack in front of the models of the English manufacture Falcon. These vintage-looking mugs, as easy to slip into a country-style kitchen as in an industrial-style kitchen, are available at Merci for 10.90 euros. A rather considerable budget for your wallet. Fortunately for you, we have found on the canvas, a model that looks very funny and much cheaper. It is up to you to make your choice !
The enameled sheet mug Flask Enamelware at 10.90 € / The Van Assendelft enamel cup at 1.81 €


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