Delonghi Multifry: a multicooker in a fryer (and vice versa)

Delonghi Multifry: a multicooker in a fryer (and vice versa)

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If the oil-free fryer market today seems to be largely dominated by Seb and his Actifry, the competitors have not decided to give up. It must be said that healthy cooking is constantly gaining ground and consumers are paying more and more attention to good and bad food. It would therefore be going against the grain to not seek to offer products capable of preparing balanced and healthy dishes.

A 3 in 1 revolution

Delonghi clearly hopes to stand out from other oil-free fryers by offering a more complex and versatile appliance. Where others multiply single-task devices, Delonghi innovates with the Multifry which can, in turn transform into an oil-free fryer, a multicooker or a mini-oven. For the fryer, the principle of a single spoonful of oil is retained, as well as a blade allowing to distribute the oil well (as on the Actifry). Its large tank is capable of preparing up to 1.5 kg of fresh fries and 1.25 kg of frozen fries. A special effort has been made on the cooking time of the fries since the Multifry cooks frozen fries in just 27 minutes. For the multicooker part, we find all the advantages of this kind of appliance. The culinary preparations are therefore multiple for all the main dishes. We can therefore alternate risottos, fried vegetables, fish or even simmered dishes. The mini-oven is the cooking method that other multicookers lack. Thanks to this, you will be able to make cakes, pies or pizza without having to use the oven. Suddenly, this appliance becomes a real substitute for other more traditional cooking appliances. It can replace ovens and cooktops in places usually under-equipped such as studettes or even campsites.

Exclusive cooking technology

If Delonghi believes that the cooking results are incomparable, it is because the brand has developed an exclusive SHS Double (Surround Heating System) cooking technology for the Multifry. This involves both ventilated cooking at the top and resistance cooking in the tank. The fan ensures an even distribution of heat and prevents drying out. For its part, the resistance at the bottom allows the creation of pizzas and pies.

Application recipes

Good news for the connected! The Multifry has its own cooking recipe application available on the App Store and Google Play. In total, we navigate between 250 possible choices of dish, from starter to dessert. Only one downside, the application is not yet translated into French but Delonghi confirms that the translation of the recipes is very soon. Delonghi, Multifry Multicooker, Classic FH1163 model at € 199 and Young FH1130 model (no resistance in the bowl) at € 149.


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