In the office of Isabelle Fauquez, fabric designer

In the office of Isabelle Fauquez, fabric designer

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To define her as a textile stylist would be reductive. Isabelle Fauquez is indeed an artist in her own right, who expresses herself in a thousand and one ways. Today, its field of action, or more precisely of creation, immerses it in the tissues. Inspired by the materials, she takes them, paints them and gives us magical collections. Meeting in a workshop office where brushes and colors rub shoulders with scissors.

Rhythm and matter

"I am fluctuating. I have no strategy. I welcome the gifts of life with pleasure." This self-definition of the designer indeed seems perfectly accurate when one looks at her career. Without being chaotic, let's say it was hectic because at the start, it was in a jewelry school that Isabelle Fauquez would have liked to enter. The interesting thing about life is that it is full of surprises. Without going through the jewelry box, Isabelle will learn the techniques applied to textiles at the Duperré school. A big difference all the more surprising since the lady, who does not particularly like clothing, finds herself swallowing courses in patronage. The good side of the experience allows him to discover the fabrics.
It is not surprising that one of his favorite objects is a material decorated with another, aquatic that one. At the moment, she is in love with a magnificent linen on which she has painted coral. The second illuminates the first and this rhythm on canvas looks like a wave.

Another dimension to fabric

It takes a hell of a cheek to paint a beautiful fabric, or a rebellious spirit, unless it is a curiosity like that which children allow themselves. With Isabelle Fauquez, no need to hesitate. It answers all these cases. His first splash of color came to him when he looked at superb lace. The very example of what we call exceptional in know-how, and which suddenly becomes nothing pompous or even boring. Like a mischievous kid she threw drops of her nail polish onto divine matter. A sacrilege, an irresistible desire, and he took it well. She will remember the experience and since then explore other paths. In her defense, she speaks of "the magic of drops". They are part of his universe. Among the favorite objects that can be seen on his desk, a crystal ball is filled with it and the gaze is lost.

The attraction of solar

When you like materials, you like to touch, to take in hand to touch or grind. Isabelle Fauquez is one of those people who have a privileged contact with things. First, she looks, observes, imagines. Adept of solo walks, they make him discover treasures. Her own are modest, but she knows how to make them precious. In autumn, for example, she collects leaves - not just any - then dries them and plaster them. Finally, she makes some sort of jewelry since she coats them with gold leaf. His collection, without real value, is a wonder. We are seduced by the beauty of the forms that the gilding exalts.
Gold is also very present in its textiles, whether treated matt or shiny. "Whether it shines or not, gold is solar," she says. Because it is obviously not the tinsel that seduces her. Rather the magic dimension of its intensity.

The fascination of Japan

By looking at each of his creations, we can detect his influences. Among them, Japan. Fascinated by her culture, Isabelle Fauquez knows him well. "For ten years, I have been to this country at least three times a year," she explains. Hence his keen gaze on Asia, despite the blue seas of the South of his eyes. And hence perhaps also his taste for small boxes, like those offered by the Japanese. She customizes them for her pleasure. Some are more than twenty years old, and all have characteristic attributes. Two of them never leave her. The smallest of the boxes is half a box of matches, but a world is resting there: a pair of miniature skulls, a micro piece of coral, shards of precious stones… While on the largest (but hardly), a goose down serves as crest to a snail picked up in its garden, and gilded according to its practice. Strange planets, which say a lot about this definitely planing creator.


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