After the sun yellow, make way for mustard yellow!

After the sun yellow, make way for mustard yellow!

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The sun yellow punctuated our summer but has just been robbed of the spotlight by mustard yellow for our winter decor. More muted and less flamboyant, it offers a warm and cheerful hue, a touch of retro to all the rooms of the house. Discover our selection which, we promise, will not come to your nose! This fall, it's decided, you spice up your decor with mustard yellow! Start with the bedroom, adopting a warm fringed plaid and a few cushions in the same tones. Be careful though to use it sparingly! Ideal for warming up a white room, it is easy to dare in a sober living room. Our ideas to remember: put a wallpaper signed Orla Kiely with retro influence on a single section of wall or bet on a bench with a vintage and Scandinavian look. Mustard yellow also sneaks into the office with a beautiful graphic rug and a wire basket imagined by Ferm Living. You now have all the keys in hand to wake up your decor with mustard yellow this winter… Happy shopping!
1. Nedo fringed throw, € 9.99 at La Redoute / Graphic wallpaper, € 66 at Orla Kiely / 3. Metal table lamp, € 115 at Delamaison / 4. Balthasar fabric sofa, € 799 at Habitat / 5. The Ferm Living metal basket, € 58 at uaredesign / 6. The velvet and linen cushion cover, € 9.99 at H&M Home / 7. The Stockholm flat woven rug, € 179 at Ikea


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