The same for less: a retro fridge

The same for less: a retro fridge

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To adopt the retro trend in the kitchen, it is essential to find a fridge that lends itself to the game of the 50s. The challenge of the editor this week: find one, with vintage features, but that adapts all the same to our contemporary desires. And if we tell you that we found two perfect models, you believe us? It is sure, and do not lie to us, you have inevitably already made eyes with the sublime refrigerators of the Italian brand Smeg. With their pretty curves, their pastel colors to die for and their adaptability, they seemed to be THE perfect piece for your kitchen. Until the moment of disillusionment to discover their price. Fortunately for you, our expert eye has found one, which looks a lot like the cloud blue model, but at a much more affordable price. We are sure that this good news will please you!
The Smeg refrigerator at MisterGoodDeal at € 799.99 / The Saba refrigerator at Conforama at € 449


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