Why buy an American refrigerator?

Why buy an American refrigerator?

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The American refrigerator, emblem of a luxurious and well-equipped kitchen, is a dream. What are the advantages ? Why change for this type of device? The editorial gives you 3 good reasons to buy a fridge made in the USA.

An American fridge ideal for large families

The American fridge offers a very large storage volume, up to 540 liters for certain models, such as the high-end Smeg fridge (€ 2,279 at Tendance Electro) and its freezer part, when there is one, can hold up to 300 liters (against 100 liters on average for a European fridge freezer). Ideal therefore for a large family who would also have a house with space to install it.

The popular fridge for drinking fresh water

One of the best known and most popular services of the American refrigerator is its system of distribution of fresh water and ice cubes. You just have to run the water directly into its glass thanks to the function provided on its front.

Because we want cold "No frost"

Also called ventilated cold, the "No frost" refrigeration system allows homogeneous cold at very low temperatures and prevents the formation of frost. This uniform temperature offers the possibility of storing food on any level of the fridge. This operation, very common in the United States, is found more and more often in devices in France, such as at L.G (1390 € at Dimipro) or Samsung (849 € at Conforama).
Good to know : before you start, think carefully about the storage capacity you will need and the dimensions of your kitchen. Note however that some American refrigerators are built-in and even customizable. Something to seduce all kitchens!