Can Thomson's Genimix Pro scare the Thermomix?

Can Thomson's Genimix Pro scare the Thermomix?

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As we discover the new Thermomix from the German brand Vorwerk, Thomson announces the release of its all-in-one robot, the Genimix Pro. These two revolutionary devices have many similarities. While the Thomson robot is scheduled to be released in January, the question arises: can it overshadow the new Thermomix?

Discovering the Genimix Pro

The Genimix Pro is a multifunction device that makes your life easier. This heating robot allows you to make a large number of sweet or savory, hot or cold preparations. The Thomson Genimix is ​​equipped with, among other things, a stainless steel container with a handle, a basket for steaming, a kneader and a butterfly. Thanks to the digital display screen, you can easily use the 19 automatic programs, set the speed, the temperature or the timer (up to 12 hours). The Thomson Genimix Pro is as stylish as it is practical. It will be marketed from January 2015 in all stores that have an appliance department. The recommended retail price is € 649.

The Thermomix makes its revolution

The direct competitor of the Genimix Pro is the Thermorix from Vorwerk. This all-in-one robot has already proven itself and has many followers. What else is there? In terms of functionality, you have to be honest, the two devices are really similar. Note that the new Thermomix has a Guy Degrenne bowl and a Varoma bowl for steaming. It has many accessories for your culinary preparations and an integrated scale. What differentiates the new Thermomix from the Genimix Pro is that the robot signed Vorwerk plays the high-tech card with its touch screen and the recipe key. The latter allows you to have a maximum of ideas to prepare good meals, but also to be helped in the realization. Today, Thermomix also offers owners the possibility of belonging to a large community. Applications have been created, recipes are marketed and new products are offered every week. The Thermomix is ​​available at a Vorwerk meeting or online on the brand's website. Its price is much higher since it is 1139 €

Thermomix or Genimix, what to choose?

It is quite difficult to separate the two devices. The Genimix Pro would make us forget the old generation of Thermomix but we must admit that the new Thermomix is ​​full of resources. Cooking enthusiasts who prefer to be free in terms of recipe creation can turn to Thomson's Genimix Pro. On the other hand, fans of new technologies and new trends will be seduced by the new Thermomix. The community side is very current, it seduces but it has a price. It should be noted that the Thermomix costs almost € 500 more than the Genimix Pro and that it is only available for direct sale. Which one will you choose?