Water is priceless for Philippe Starck

Water is priceless for Philippe Starck

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After the water sheet, a small flat and transparent gourd, which he had designed for the France Libertés Danielle Mitterand foundation, Philippe Starck returns this time with the Lame d'Eau, a beautiful militant glass carafe edited by Made in Design . Today, no less than 34,000 people die every day from lack of drinking water. Terrible figures that the Water Carriers movement - a movement born in Canada and brought to France by the France Libertés Danielle Mitterrand foundation - tends to reduce. A manifesto, the Water Blade, an elegant carafe of water imagined by Philippe Starck, loudly proclaims the message of the Water Carriers: "Common property of humanity, water is priceless. " Edited by Made in Design, this glass carafe displays its commitment: water cannot be considered a commodity, it is urgent to commit to the protection of our water resource and the implementation of a right water for all.
A carafe is a first step towards changing our own behavior towards water - using a carafe means saying goodbye to bottled water, a good point in terms of waste prevention. Beyond the ecological argument, for each Lame d'Eau decanter sold, 3 euros will be donated to France Libertés to finance the foundation's field projects around the world. The Water blade is available at Made in design, € 24.90.


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