LG promises healthier cooking with Lightwave technology

LG promises healthier cooking with Lightwave technology

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It is sometimes difficult to combine gourmet cuisine and healthy cuisine. But it is not impossible, especially with the new Lightwave convection oven proposed by LG and presented at the IFA fair in Berlin. Thanks to innovative technology, this oven allows you to optimize the cooking of your culinary preparations while minimizing energy consumption. How it works ? Here are some explanations.

Focus on the new Lightware convection oven

Foodies and herbal cooks will love the new LG oven. In fact, the Lightwave Convection Oven offers a new cooking method thanks to the Charcoal Lighting Heater. The latter makes it possible to cook more quickly and optimally. Halfway between the microwave and the traditional oven, the Lightwave oven from LG Electronics is very easy to use.

How does the Charcoal Lighting Heater work?

If LG's Lightwave convection oven is so revolutionary, it is because it is equipped with Charcoal Lighting Heater technology that works with a carbon filament. The latter heats up very quickly and diffuses uniform heat over the food. In addition to perfect cooking, you use the oven for a shorter time and save a lot of energy.

Preserved and delicious food

By using the LG Electronics Lightwave oven, you can play the great chefs. Thanks to the numerous programs, the oven offers precise and very flexible cooking. You can therefore succeed in all your recipes. Another important point, you are guaranteed to make healthy little dishes. The heat of the oven being controlled and not very aggressive, the food cooks less time and more uniformly. Nutrients are preserved as is taste. Your dishes are soft, crisp, tender, they are exactly the way you want them. Always thanks to the revolutionary cooking provided by Charcoal Lighting Heater technology, your dishes require less fat. Indeed, the oven does not dry out food, it sublimates it!

Easy cleaning

All LG ovens, namely the Lightwave convection oven, the Grill or the Solos ovens, are all equipped with the EasyClean coating. This revolutionary coating makes cleaning easier since it prevents food residue and grease from sticking to the interior walls. Food cooks in a clean oven, retaining all of its original flavors. And you, you benefit from an impeccable oven!