Focus on dream catchers

Focus on dream catchers

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Notice to all lovers of bohemian atmospheres! We have spotted for you THE new trendy piece to adopt without further ado: the dream catcher ... Directly inspired by the Amerindian culture, the latter is supposed to repel bad dreams, provided that certain rules are observed. We tell you more about this object as mystical as decorative!

An artisanal piece

The dream catcher - or dream catcher - is an artisanal piece from Native American culture. This small hoop, made of a tree branch in which is woven a net in the shape of a spider web, has the function of filtering all the dreams that pass through it. During the night, bad dreams stay in the net to be burned at the first light of day, while beautiful dreams pass through the hole to be kept in the feathers installed around the hoop. Originally intended for children who had nightmares, it is now also used by older children who want to control their dreams.

Where to install it?

Nowadays, dream catchers are hung on the edge of the window, where the Sun rises, so that daylight can destroy the bad dreams that have settled in the net. But for a simple decorative effect, know that you can very well fix them wherever you want. At the head of the bed, in the dining room or in the living room, or even in the garden you can find a place for them. Ideal for a little more hippie chic to your decor.

Our favorites

To find a dream catcher that looks like you, we invite you to browse the Etsy boutiques of two designers: dreampeacepositivity and SavannahAvril, which offer beautiful models that are both sober and colorful. A great discovery too, the models made to measure at Land of Dreams by the French designer Karine Mancet. The latter decided to divert this piece into a glamorous and colorful decoration mobile, a real success!


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