Charlotte Perriand, the Pivotante to pose reissued

Charlotte Perriand, the Pivotante to pose reissued

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When the Italians of Nemo decide to reissue the lighting designed by architect and designer Charlotte Perriand, we can only applaud with both hands. The object of the desire of the day? La Pivotante à poser, reissue of 1962. Throughout the twentieth century, Charlotte Perriand never stopped drawing furniture, objects, buildings of incredible strength, the one that entered in 1928 in the workshop of Le Corbusier and Pierre Jeanneret, the one who knew how to free herself from academies - because "the subject is not the object but the man", as she liked to say. Thus, its design of the lights is very fair: a lamp is not a useless decorative object but a functional and technical component, a lamp must "make space sing" at night. A minimalist approach that makes the lights that she designed timeless and intelligent objects. So it is with the Swivel to ask. This consists of a cylindrical body open on two sides. Two screens - therefore swiveling - allow the opening and closing of the light beam. A non-frozen lamp that swivels, adapts to the needs of its user.

La Pivotante à poser by Charlotte Perriand reissued by Nemo, 192 euros