An external wooden staircase: how to make the right choice?

An external wooden staircase: how to make the right choice?

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Installing a staircase outside your property is a real long-term investment. It is therefore important to consider the functional, budgetary and aesthetic aspects of your project before embarking on the purchase or construction of your exterior staircase. What will it be used for? Will it be frequented often? What materials do you want to favor? For what atmosphere? So many questions that it is essential to ask yourself beforehand. To help you with this task, which is not always obvious, the editorial team suggests that you take stock of the exterior wooden stairs. Focus!

What is the use and attendance of my wooden exterior staircase?

Depending on the use you plan, you will have to orient your choice towards a more or less hard wood. For an outdoor staircase with little traffic, orient your choice towards a soft wood model: fir or maple for example. Less resistant but often more economical, they are really good. Conversely, in the case of repeated passages, prefer hard wood such as oak, beech or ebony. Its disadvantage lies in its often more expensive price.

Which wood species to favor?

Different wood species are available to you that will adapt to your budget and the atmosphere you want to create. If your budget is reduced, think of the pine which is distinguished by its affordable price. Looking for a resistant, solid and durable model? Prefer instead beech, ash or maple.
To bring a touch of originality and authenticity to your exterior staircase, nothing better than oak. Note however that the quality of the latter will involve a higher cost than the other species. Finally, think of exotic woods such as teak or ipe. Their advantages: they naturally resist rot, do not generally require any treatment against mold or insects and age over time. The result: an exterior staircase made of resistant and charming wood.

What aesthetic aspect?

The choice of your wooden exterior staircase will also depend on the style you want to give to your outdoor space. While dark essences will give your garden a traditional and rustic appearance, a light shade like that of white maple or beige brown ash will give it a warm and contemporary touch. However, do not hesitate to seek advice from a carpenter who will be able to direct you to the species most suited to your project.