Bathroom: 2018 trends to discover

Bathroom: 2018 trends to discover

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Each year, decorative trends are reinvented, and the bathroom is no exception. The year 2018 promises to be particularly interesting and is especially suitable for all budgets! Accessories, materials, wall coverings, decor styles and trends, discover our bathroom inspirations for the coming year without waiting. As a bonus, our decor ideas for a trendy bathroom at a lower cost!

  1. We expose our cosmetics and our bathroom linen
  2. Well-designed bathrooms!
  3. A Zen and minimalist bathroom
  4. The trend is wood
  5. Benvenuto at terrazzo!

1. We display our cosmetics and towels

Why bother with small decorative items when your perfume bottles and beauty products could do the trick? Take them out of your cupboards and give them a special place on your shelves! They will immediately give a Zen and well-being atmosphere to your bathroom, while allowing you to always have them at hand. But to avoid the "apothecary" style, just display your four or five favorite beauty products, or even less depending on the size of your bathroom. The latter are not very pretty or have lost their freshness? Transfer them to new containers: jars, small glass jars, tinted glass pump bottles… Have fun! And be aware that if you are ready to discover new brands, some stores will even offer you beauty products without packaging, to be transferred directly to your pretty containers. The Day by Day stores, present in several cities in France, as well as the Ô Bocal boutique in Nantes, have made it a specialty! Finally, your towels are not left out! Also think of them for the decoration of your Zen bathroom. Roll them up "Konmari" and place them on your shelves or in a basket on the floor or hanging. Do you aspire to a minimalist and refined bathroom? Choose them preferably white. Another advantage of this 2018 trend, it will allow you to make room in your cupboards! Take the opportunity to sort it out a bit.

2. Well-designed bathrooms!

It is a trend that does not falter! On the contrary, each year a new element comes to enrich the panoply of the style of industrial decoration. The glass roof, already very popular in our kitchens, is now used in the layout of our bathroom. It fits perfectly into a master suite where it will bring light and character to this room. Combine it with an exposed brick wall for a guaranteed loft effect. This bathroom trend is available from every angle, up to the pipes that are now proudly displayed on our walls. The materials are raw and do not hide it: waxed concrete, exposed bricks, solid wood, copper, wrought iron ... It is definitely a bathroom with a well-tempered design! So be careful that it does not clash too much with the rest of your decoration. To do this, go there rather by small touches: start with a towel holder in copper pipes, a glass shower effect wall or a wall lamp with visible bulb. This style of decoration goes particularly well with another big trend of the year: the XXL round mirror, which will soften all these right angles.

3. A Zen and minimalist bathroom

We told you about it at the beginning of this article, 2018 will be under the sign of the great sorting in the bathroom! The time is indeed for minimalist interiors. And this is what this bathroom photo confirms to us: sober colors, hanging furniture with clean lines, impression of space… If, like me, your bathroom is far from these clichés of magazines, reassure you: decoration tips that are easy to put in place allow you to get closer to it at a lower cost. From the simplest and most economical to the one that will require the most investment in terms of time and money, here are five simple steps to transform your bathroom into a real haven of well-being: * Make a big sort at least twice a year: keep only what is really useful to you, also get rid of all your expired beauty and hygiene products; * Take care daily that your bathroom is tidy and that the disorder does not accumulate there; * Invest in small hanging storage units to free up floor space: shelves, credenza bar, mirrors with integrated storage, shower baskets, etc. ; * Choose your decorative elements carefully: a large frameless mirror, a sober light, two or three neatly folded towels, a few candles and your favorite cosmetics are enough to decorate a trendy and minimalist bathroom: no need to great investments! * Possibly repaint your furniture and / or your walls in neutral and light tones: special paints exist, as well as coatings particularly suitable for bathrooms, such as PVC paneling or tadelakt. And here is a trendy bathroom at your fingertips!

4. The trend is wood

If wood has already conquered a good part of the house, this trend is now extending to the bathroom. The must for decoration for this room? Provide storage and especially a wooden sink cabinet to give a natural and warm atmosphere to the bathroom. You will have already noticed it in the bathroom photos which illustrate this article: wood is associated with all styles of decoration, from industrial to minimalist through zen. It is the essential material of the year! And for fans of this material, both noble and very accessible, we organize the layout of its bathroom around a wooden centerpiece: rough worktop, clean shelves, wooden paneling or heathered storage unit , depending on your favorite decor style. In all cases, choose varnished or water-repellent wood to allow it to best adapt to the particular conditions of this water feature.
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5. Benvenuto at terrazzo!

Change of decor for your bathroom: the latest trend comes straight from Venice and kicks the subway tiles, used to our kitchens and our bathrooms. It is true that at first glance the terrazzo can leave us unmoved, even make us smile. Its small retro side must indeed be well proportioned so as not to weigh down your decor. So, terrazzo, why do we love it so much? For its origins and its water-repellent qualities already. It comes to us straight from the great Venetian palaces, where it was appreciated for its resistance to humidity. Its composition is also remarkable: it is made up of fragments of natural stone and colored marble agglomerated with cement, all polished to give it the brilliance of a natural stone. Finally, third reason, it is extremely versatile and adapts to all surfaces, from the floor to the walls, including the washbasin and the decorative elements. This is how we like it: by small touches. A rectangular terrazzo countertop washbasin will go perfectly with wooden furniture and simple, even black, taps. Also dare the credenza in terrazzo. And if you do not want to embark on renovations, choose the adhesive splashback. Whatever your favorite trend, don't forget to go slowly. No need to get started on major projects to have a trendy bathroom!


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