Pierre Paulin, the man and the work

Pierre Paulin, the man and the work

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Here is a reference work on one of the great French designer, Pierre Paulin. The Ruban armchair, the Mushroom, the Globe… So many creations by Pierre Paulin that marked the collective unconscious. If these were an inexhaustible source of inspiration for the design of the 50s, Pierre Paulin, reserved man, remained in the shade. This book, Pierre Paulin, the man and the work (éd. Albin Michel) by Nadine Descendre corrects this failure. Pierre Paulin (1927-2009) marked the design of the 2nd part of the 20th century. Georges Pompidou had entrusted him with the layout of his private apartments, while later, he furnished François Mitterrand's office. However, little literature exists on this figure of French design. Pierre Paulin was a secret man. Art critic Nadine Descendre offers an immersion in the world of Pierre Paulin with Pierre Paulin, the man and the work (éd. Albin Michel): "This book is a philosophical walk in the paradoxical world of Pierre Paulin. This singularity is an active category. It is that of a new century whose production life, rich and creative, reveals contradictions due to transformations and profound mutations. When art comes to fraternize with a certain modernization and with a globalization in full phase of acceleration, it inexorably manifests a certain lack of internal logic. ", she explains.

Pierre Paulin at his work table.

Thus, in three parts - "The anchors 1927-1950", "Building oneself over the course of existence 1951-1973" and "Maturity put to the test of reason 1974-2009" - enriched with views on the designer - by Michel Laclotte, Laurent Le Bon, Jean-Jacques Aillagon, Pascale Cassagnau and Jean-Charles Massera -, we discover the journey and the universe of Pierre Paulin.

The F582 says the Ribbon of 1966 / the Élysée table, light in the center, designed for the smoking room of the Élysée in 1970.

A very beautiful book, with rich iconography - taken from the personal archives of Pierre Paulin, supplemented by unpublished photographs by Benjamin Chelly. Pierre Paulin. Man and work , by Nadine Descendre, photographs by Benjamin Chelly, ed. Albin Michel, 260 p., 49 euros.