4 grandmother's tips for successful gratins

4 grandmother's tips for successful gratins

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It is getting colder and colder. We arrive very slowly in winter and we already want comfort food like good hot gratins. With potatoes or more light zucchini, there is no shortage of ideas. Today, we are giving you 4 grandmother tips, essential for making a golden and crispy gratin on the outside, and creamy and creamy on the inside.

Classic or ancient vegetables, all tastes are in nature

For the gratin dauphinois, a great classic of French gastronomy, the variety of potatoes is very important. The ideal potato is Charlotte. Cut them with a mandolin into thin slices 3 millimeters thick and pre-cook them in milk. You can also vary the pleasures by adding other vegetables such as cabbage, zucchini or even pumpkin. Dare even old vegetables like parsnip or Jerusalem artichoke. You will be pleasantly surprised.

Bechamel or cream, a touch of creaminess in your gratin

In your gratin, nothing like a touch of fresh cream combined with spices and herbs. Smooth and lump-free, béchamel is also recommended. It will sublimate your gratin. Decorate it with cheese such as Gruyère, Mimolette or even Reblochon. Its taste will remind you of good childhood memories. You can also flavor your béchamel with a little nutmeg.

The clove of garlic, to pleasantly flavor your gratin

We have all seen our grandmothers or our mothers rub a baking dish with a clove of garlic. By crushing the clove against the dish, the garlic leaves a thin film which perfumes your recipe. The taste of garlic will spread in the potatoes during cooking to subtly flavor them.

The aluminum foil to keep the creaminess of the gratin

Cover your dish with aluminum foil when placing it in the oven to keep it creamy. Cook for 30 minutes with the aluminum foil, then remove it and continue cooking for another 10 minutes to brown the gratin.