A Nespresso, a color, a recipe

A Nespresso, a color, a recipe

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Nespresso lovers are not only sensitive to the coffee from their capsules. In general, they are seduced by the whole universe of the brand, which includes the club, Georges Clooney and the aesthetics of their machines. Nespresso knows that to satisfy its customers, it must constantly offer them new ideas that reflect the spirit of the brand. Emilie Guelpa, artistic director in life and blogger (in life too) of the delicious Griottes, Palette Culinaire became known to the general public thanks to her monochrome recipes published in Fricote magazine. It is undoubtedly this meticulous and magical work carried out on color and cuisine that attracted Nespresso, seeing it as a way to celebrate both the original colors of its coffee makers and the quality of its great wines. From this meeting was born the project soberly entitled Inissia by Griottes. Nespresso asked the culinary designer to submit a recipe whose color exactly matches that of an Inissia coffee maker. In total, the project brings together 8 dishes highlighted thanks to the photographs of Emilie Guelpa (yet another of her talents). These monochrome palettes combine a coffee maker with a dish and coffee. For the Blue Sky coffee maker below, for example, the designer / cook / photographer advises us with blueberry macaroons and the Grand Cru Darkhan.
As good news never arrives alone, Emilie Guelpa's news is enriched with the very recent release of her book "Tables de fête". This work will be a reference and a precious help for all those who know how to appreciate beautiful things without having the imagination to create them (as it is my case moreover). For recurring events such as Christmas or spring but also for simple holiday wishes, Emilie Guelpa gives us the keys to a successful and unforgettable table for those who will participate.
The young woman manages in "Festive Tables" to convey her taste for beautiful and good things, all with sincere generosity. Finally the photos are so beautiful that when reproducing these ingenious DIY, doubt takes hold of us: "Will I succeed in doing as well as it?"
Emilie Guelpa, "Festive tables: decorate, cook, create", Marabout, 25 €


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